Monday, November 4, 2013

Coherency of Hindu and Israelite Traditions:


by Yoel Avrahami

The Israelites were part of what is called the ancient world, or what i call 'tradition' to distinguish it from "religion",-Islam and Christianity.
The pre-Christian Europe and Americas, and pre-islamic Asia were all traditions, that is, people live naturaly based on knowledge passed from one to the next (man or group) different degrees.

The Israelite tradition were , like all other, mainly oral tradition.We can reconstruct it very partialy by what is called now biblical Criticism, or biblical scholar studies.
LIke all the ancient civilizations or traditions ,like the Sumer, Elam, Ancient Egypt Hurrians and Hittites, it was very correlative and coherent with hindu tradition: Few examples:
We know now, that they worshiped Yhwh and Asherah, his consort. it is a version of Shiva and Shakti. The divine, and his radient light who is intelect, and reach the human.It was personified and symbolized by a godess.

Another example is term 'Elohim', wich is Gods, in plural. through the bible one can see a perception of the divine as both multitud-gradual and one in essence, or in highest aspect.

The arab muslims completely both misunderstood and misused it. When they 'cut' the gradation and multitud of it, they reduce the divine to a function of matterial world. all in the name of "Tawhid".
Actuly they parotted the reform that came later, of one god to WORSHIP, which made mainly for political aims. (to unite the different tribes and kinds of worshiping, ect).

The fire-sacrifce was central, both in Temple and at layman home.
The fire itself was central symbol.

Shabbath-originaly ment to cease from MENTAL daily activity for contemplating. Excactly like the definition of Yoga in the first verse of Patanjali's Yogasutra:1.1: " Yogas chitavrti nirodha".
shabbath literaly means "ceasing".
The works that forbidden were again for mainly political aims, to avoid different kinds of worshiping.
One can see here for example how much it was degenerated with time.

There are some phrases who are actuly of metaphysical knowledge in nature, but covered within a whole narratives, or stories around it.
Those fragments are to be found in Hindu traditions, in much richer and as a living traditions.

Though i preffer not to enter those topics, Nevertheless i'll give one example: one can read that in Mount Sinai the Noble Israelites were revealed, or intelected the wisdom as fire and SPEACHES.(Kolot- in ancient Hebrew means both voices but speaches).
that is ,there was a teaching of the 'speech' as revealed intelect. It is highly developed teachings today in Kashmir-Shaivism, considered to be the more esoteric and secret form of Hindu.
It is a version of the idea of Mantra and Vac, ect.

One can use the same methods for the 1th century judaism and it's sects, including Historical jesus and his galilean-movement,who were part of Galilean-israelites, and have nothing to do with christianity.
Only fragment left who can be reconstructed and indicate metaphysical fragments covered by nerratives and stories ( like the ancient, 1-2th century Midrashim, ect).
Historical jesus was misused by Roman Imperialism, like Muhammad for Arab Imperialism.

After that period,what is left was persecuted by romes, christianity and then islam.. and stopped of being a living tradition.
Changes and Reforms were made with time...many scholar indicate the early second temple period ( 6th and 5th century b.c.) to begin with the most drastic reforms.

Hence,there are fragments left who are and can be used as EVIDENCES to coherency with the living and rich Hindu traditions on mataphysical aspect, by isolating them from the narratives they puted into,using biblical scholary.

I'm not entering the social-political problems in India today.And, how it is implemented in India, but the teachings themselves.

I'll just add, many evidences or views connected with this coherency are neglated or ignored which make it highly difficult to research.

I hope that time will come soon and the west, who is open to criticism will be pro-hindu, and the pre-christian and pre-Islamic traditions, especialy those in central-asia ,will be revived.


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