Monday, September 19, 2011

Rta, Satya and Dharma

"Rta is truth in thought, satya is truth in words and dhramais truth in deed."

In this connection, the explanation given by Sri.K.Balasubramania Aiyar is relevant:: "An analysis of the significance of these three words (rta, satyaand dharma) brings out clearly to us the fundamental basis of dharma asthe ideal for an individual. While rta denotes the mental perception andrealization of truth and satya denotes the exact true expression in wordsof the truth as perceived by the mind, dharma is the observance, in theconduct of life, of truth. In fact, dharma is the way of life which translatesinto action the truth perceived by the man of insight as expressed by him truly...

To right-thinking people, "dharma" and "satya" are interchangeable words and their Life goal is, as it has always been, to rise higher so as to realize Him who alone is the Truth. For them there is no pursuit higher than that of practising truth in thought, word and deed....

Manasaa-vaachaa-karmanaa, pursuit of the Highest Truth in thought, in words and in a life in Dharma

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