Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Emptiness

‎"....Even emptiness itself, which is seen as the ultimate nature of reality, is not absolute, nor does it exist independently. We cannot conceive of emptiness as independent of a basis of phenomenon, because when we examine the nature of reality, we find that emptiness itself is an object...."(~Preethi Raman).... yes, ...

The chariot, with all its appearenances, corresponds to what we call our self,there was no chariot before its parts were put together, and will be none when they fall in to pieces,there is no chariot apart from its parts,"chariot" is nothing but a name, given for convenience to a certain percept, but must not be taken to be an entity (sattva);and in the same way with ourselves who are, just like the chariot,"confections." The Comprehender (evamvit) has seen things "as they have become"(yatha bhutam),causally arising and disappearing, and has distinguished himself from all of them. . .

"Shunya, with its prevalent English mistranslation as emptiness or nothingness, signifies a presence" which we are unable to identify and so we say,neti, neti,, not this, not this...however "empty" evacuates ...but not itself... the two extremes... Acharya Shankar in his commentary of Brahm Sutra says,""Whenever we deny something as unreal, it is with reference to something real." When we wish to describe any thing about The Supreme Being, our dualistic phenomenological conceptualisation becomes a great handicap. Under this, we can not describe any thing unless it is qualified, I mean ,unless it has qualities.No conceptualisation is possible unless there is a quality, even when we say "without any quality" or "not having qualities" it itself becomes a qualitative statement that thee is something which has no qualities.This makes 'understanding' of manifestation extremely difficult, however, to make things 'intelligible' we adhere to the phenomenological mechanism and say "Mirror reflection of the Sun, to the Sun, "Lies within" the Sun.And in this way try to understand,the world of phenomena as the mirror image of That Supreme, which lies in That Supreme.

Om asato maa satgamaya

Tamaso maa jyotir gamaya

Mrityor maa amritam gamaya

Lead us from the unreal to the Real

From darkness to Light

From death to Immortality

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