Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A False Wisdom

A False Wisdom

by Thomas Springer on Wednesday, 05 January 2011 at 06:17


As we part the mist of wisdom and journey into the truth of our hearts

The meaning of time and presence become lost in something more than ourselves.

The calling of beauty and understanding reach out from within

Beckoning to our spirits to release the idea of knowing and become one with love.

The days pass by as weeks and months grow into forever

The moments last until we notice that there is no arrival or destination.

When the truth of the mist penetrates the depths of our being

We find what we once believed as logic will defy all we have ever known.

Holding on to the clouds of warmth and comfort

We begin to see for the first time that the essence of all we are lies in this heart of oneness.

Opening the door to accepting the unraveling of our sacred beliefs

We find we belong to none yet are a part of all without question.

The clarity of the mist brings the peace of togetherness

Blinding all the past conditions and thoughts into the perfect understanding of this moment.

Here we live without the need or desire for self

Captured by the endless giving and compassion that is us we begin to flourish without effort

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