Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Loving Memories of Father

In Loving Memories of my Father,
Oct 1913- Sept 1981
on 29th anniversary of his bodily death

who not only brought me on this planet but also introduced me to mySelf

Babu ji, residing in me you know
how far still I am...
please keep me enlightened...
Your Sati Shankar

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sati shankar said...

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Jennifer Grove You are a lucky man to have a parent do such a beautiful thing for you. I can't imagine this, but long for it more deeply than even I may ever know.

And I have to tell you that picture looks almost photoshopped because of how big your eyes are. Unbelievable.
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Sati Shankar Dear Jennifer, thanks for your reading... yes I am lucky in that sense...

Picture: an old contact print from a 120 roll negative,that I possess,so rare for me, I do not have its negative even... lost in time and change...I just scanned and posted , even could not retouch it as I have no software... so what you see is actual as I have inherited.
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Jennifer Grove Amazing...
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Sati Shankar From Message box:
Gina wrote:
Dear Sati,
just I read your sentences about and for your father...this makes me really beautiful, how deep. Your father must be happy to have a son like you..Wish you a good day...with love Gina

Sati Replied:
Dear Gina...what has come has to go...but there is something which never dies...lovingly yours
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Kailash Dutt Shukla Very Touching and a true reflection of thoughts and indebtness. A mark of respect.
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Rajesh Gupta These few words from you are very very powerful Sati ji .... You are truly blessed and may of us are being blessed to have you as our friend ... Thank you so much for being here ... ♥ ♥ ♥
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Sati Shankar Thank you Rajesh ji, the fact is that the vicinity of people like you is so captivating... there remains no chance for escape.with best wishes.Sati
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Kiki Bakshi Wise son of a wise father! You are both blessed :)!
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Sati Shankar Thank you very much Kiki,
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