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What lies beyond within..

Beyond Within

Sati Shankar

Whether one believes in some deity or no deity, follows a certain religion or no religion,has some faith or no faith, but one can not deny his own existence and his psycho physical dependence on the cosmic mechanisms.One, in fact becomes bound by the cosmic laws the moment the bare elements of cosmos assemble together to form the physical seat at the time of conception, psyche,however,follows later in the process.This fact is true to all the living beings and not only to humans.Thus we find same,uniform and universal process to all without any discrimination. Ability to discriminate comes later when psyche, founded on dualities in conceptualization of surroundings, develops for want of secondary pursuits of the animal instincts.Thus we find all passing through the same cosmic process inherent in cosmos itself.Any explanation,obviously through our minds dependent on our psycho physical states, of this cosmos or its inherents,is bound to be bound by the dualistic conceptualizations mind has acquired in the course of its development.An explanation based on such dualistic conceptualization by a mind which is itself enabled by duality, becomes so convincing to the mind that any explanation other than this becomes absolutely unrecognizable.

A question asked very often, out of curiosity, what lies beyond the threshold of duality, where the “self” is united with the “Self”. Our dualistic conceptualization has no place to describe such state of Unity. Seers and Scriptures have, however, given some “hints”, a few are collected here:

What lies beyond, within, is a "Divine Darkness blinding to all

human faculties by its excess of light, and "hidden from all knowledge"(Dionysius, Caiummonachum; cf. Vedic guhA nihitam),

What lies beyond, within, is the "darkness where God was." Exodus 20:21,

What lies beyond, within, is "the City (that) had no need of Sun,neither of Moon,to shine in it.” (Rev:21:23);

na tatra sUryo bhAti,na chandra-tArakam,nemA vudyuto bhAnti, kuto'yam agnih: tam eva bhAntam anubhAti sarvam tasya bhAsA sarvam idam vibhAti

The sun shines not there, nor the moon and the stars, these lightning shine not, where then this could fire be? Everything shines only after that shining light. His shining illuminates all this world.” Mundak U. II.2.11, SvetAsvatara U,IV,14;

hiraNmaye pare koSe virajambrshma niskalam tac chubhramjyotiSam jyotih: tad yad Atma-vido vidhuh:

“In the highest golden sheath is That (Brahm) without stain, without parts; Pure it is, the light of lights,That is what the knower of self know”. Mundak U. II.2.10

na tadbhAsyte sUryo na SSAnko na pAvakah:

yadtvA na nivertante taddham paramam mama.

“Neither the sun nor the moon nor fire illumines That. That is My supreme Abode,reaching which they do not return.” (Bhagvad GitA XV.6).

"What the soul grasps in the light she loses in the darkness. Yet she makes for the cloud, deeming His darkness better than her light." (Meister Eckhart, Evans ed I, 364)

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