Friday, March 19, 2010

Is Tradition an Anthropological Specialty?

Tradition constitutes Whom? Is It An Anthropological specialty?

Just have a look on one of the oldest records from human civilization: I have posted in these blogs all available translations.

Rig Veda (10,129) "nAsadIya sukta

nAsadAsInno sadAsIttadAnIm |
nAsIdrajo no paro yat vyomA |
kimAvarIvaH kuhakasya sharmann |
aMbhaH kimAsIdgahanaM gabhIram | | 1 | |

Existence was not then, nor non-existence,
the world was not, beyond the sky was neither.
What the mist covered? Of Whom was that?
What was in the depths of darkness thick ?

Beginning, from there has been an eternal tradition the Perennis can we limit it to anthropomorphism?
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